And unless your wallet is as tight as my pants...

Posted by Stephanie Lange on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 at 10:36am.

If you are anything like me, your first week back to the grind after this holidays indulgences was…. tight. If you’re a lot like me, you ate yourself out of breath more than once, and your “fat pants” are horribly, horribly snug. If that hit a little too close to home, I’m sorry. I’m not here to attack you. Or pass judgement. People in fat-ass glass houses shouldn’t through stones, I’m just saying…. I haven’t missed too many meals. Exceptionally so the past couple months.

For many families and individuals in our community here in the Kawartha Lakes, the same cannot be said. Glut isn’t an option. Not during the holidays. Not ever. Out of every 8 Canadian households, 1 is food insecure. Food insecurity is the inadequate access to food due to financial constraints, and it can, and does, present itself swiftly and easily. A surprise lay-off, rent increases, an unexpected dependant, and cold weather coupled with rising Hydro costs are all contributors, driving those in need to the Food Bank in their area. (and with last weeks “go-f@$#-yourself” temperatures, the next Hydro bill is going to be… just… Jesus Christ.)

After the holiday surge of donations, Food Banks take a real hit in the early months of the year, when need is often the greatest and donations are at their lowest. If you are in town this week and in a position to contribute, Affinity Group is gathering donations of non-perishables for Kawartha Food Source, with drop-off slated for the end of the week. In the interest of convenience, cash donations are also accepted at:

While not the perfect solution to an increasingly complex problem, Food Banks DO assist those experiencing food insecurity in our community. Donations are appreciated, they are used, and they are vital. Unless your wallet is as tight as my pants, please consider donating where you can.



Stephanie Lange is a Realtor living and working in the Kawartha Lakes. All opinions expressed here are, regrettably, her own.

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