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If you are anything like me, your first week back to the grind after this holidays indulgences was…. tight. If you’re a lot like me, you ate yourself out of breath more than once, and your “fat pants” are horribly, horribly snug. If that hit a little too close to home, I’m sorry. I’m not here to attack you. Or pass judgement. People in fat-ass glass houses shouldn’t through stones, I’m just saying…. I haven’t missed too many meals. Exceptionally so the past couple months.

For many families and individuals in our community here in the Kawartha Lakes, the same cannot be said. Glut isn’t an option. Not during the holidays. Not ever. Out of every 8 Canadian households, 1 is food insecure. Food insecurity is the inadequate access to food due to financial

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Anyone who’s asked me how I got into Real Estate knows the story well. It’s not terribly exciting, but I’ll tell it here again. After graduating from University, I was living and working in Toronto. I was having a great time, but between rent, travel, and… extracurriculars (re: whisky and $4 Prairie Girl cupcakes), I was essentially breaking even. My dad, having recently retired from his 30+ year career at Bell Canada, began his second career selling waterfront in the Kawartha Lakes.

After reviewing my T4 that year and being nothing short of horrified, he casually broached the topic of maybe, potentially, (just think about it, Steph), getting into Real Estate. He told me it was a fulfilling job, where you got to meet a lot of interesting, generally

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It's called Guilford Green (or HC-116 if you want to get fancy about it) and it's the centerpiece of Benjamin Moore's entire color trend story for the year ahead. Take a peek at some more examples of this fresh, upbeat green and tell us what you think about its chances of ending up in YOUR home in the year ahead.



It's Exquisite.  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!  


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